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10 Harley Quinn Details That Turned Our Brains Into Pudding

DC introduced they have been girlfriends on Twitter. Earlier than that, in comics, all attraction between them was solely subtext. 

5. The character was based mostly on Arleen Sorkin’s efficiency in Days of Our Lives

She wore a jester costume in a joke fantasy sequence that performed on The Princess Bride, and The Animated Sequence used this as inspiration for Harley Quinn. 

6. World Conflict II had a real-life suicide squad. 

Sure, it’s actually been executed, making an expendable unit out of criminals … besides when Germany did it, the unit ended up committing a bunch of struggle crimes even worse than what the common Nazis did. 

7. Superman was going to be the villain of The Suicide Squad.

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8. She gained a lot mainstream fame because of the Arkham video video games. 

The tinkering they did to her design there led to her new look when DC rebooted their characters. 

9. Then followers revolted over Harley Quinn being too horny. 

Some individuals acquired so offended over her 2011 redesign, they filmed themselves threatening the author, then despatched the movies to him. 

10. Harley combating a large starfish like in The Suicide Squad has a parallel from nature. 

The harlequin shrimp dines completely on starfish. It retains its prey alive by force-feeding it, because it slowly eats it alive limb-by-limb.  

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