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15 Issues Motion pictures & TV Reveals Assume They Know (However Do not)

Ozark Does not Know How A lot Money Matches In A Suitcase

We get it, we get it: counting cash is tough. The supervisor on the Taco Bell who simply counted down our register earlier than we clocked out will attest to us probably not understanding what cash appears like. However $5 million will not match in a normal briefcase, and that is simply half of it. Even $5 million in crisp $100 greenback payments would take an enormous suitcase, and what number of street-level drug offers have you learnt transact with crisp new $100 payments? 

Film Nurses and Medical doctors LOVE Displaying Sufferers Needles

Shutterstock: Ebtikar

As any tear-soaked, lollipop-clutching toddler will let you know, getting photographs sucks. Medical doctors and nurses know this, and often attempt to keep away from displaying sufferers needles in order that they’ll maintain calm. Motion pictures, although? Higher consider you are seeing each inch of that sharp needle, each drop of no matter serum’s entering into, and agonizingly gradual plungers. 



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