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25 Nag Panchami Memes & Jokes In 2022

Nag Panchami is a standard Hindu pageant related to snake worship. The pageant will get its identify from two phrases: Nag, which implies Snake or Cobra, and Panchami, which is the fifth day of the moon’s waxing or waning. Within the yr 2022, the day is well known throughout India on Tuesday, August 2nd. On at the present time, Indian ladies worship Nag Devta and feed milk to snakes within the temples. However the brand new gen pertains to the snake as an individual who is usually pretend. So, listed below are the most effective Nag Panchami memes and jokes for them.

Why are snakes in comparison with pretend or evil individuals? A lot of the cultural relationship between snakes and deception seems to stem from the Adam and Eve story within the E-book of Genesis. Having a snake mentally manipulate and trick two individuals into making what was supposedly a nasty or evil resolution has clearly had a big cultural impression on Western Society and the world, giving the impression that every one snakes are both evil or manipulative – it’s not a stretch to see that comparability utilized to individuals who emulate these traits like manipulation, sly, shedding their actual face to a pretend one. 

Humorous Nag Panchami Memes And Jokes

If a snake and an undertaker received married, what would their towels say?

Hiss and hearse.

Who celebrates Nag Panchami in Harry Potter movies?

Home Slytherin.

Nag Panchami Meme on Harry Potter

“Are we toxic, mother?” asks the infant snake.

“Sure, son,” says the mom snake. Why?”

“I simply bit my tongue,” says the infant snake.

What do nags learn on Nag Panchami?


Funny Nag Panchami Meme on Snake

A tour information was with a household on Nag Panchami in India

The boy: Sir, I simply got here throughout a snake. Is it toxic?

Tour information: No, this snake isn’t toxic in any respect.

Afterward, the boy will get bit by a snake, which instantly causes him to foam on the mouth and change into limp, leaving the household trembling in concern.

Tour information: H‌‌owever, t‌‌his s‌‌nake i‌‌s v‌‌enomous. V‌‌enom i‌‌s a‌‌lways i‌‌njected, p‌‌oison i‌‌s i‌‌ngested o‌‌r a‌‌bsorbed t‌‌hrough t‌‌he s‌‌kin. L‌‌et’s g‌‌et i‌‌t r‌‌ight n‌‌ext t‌‌ime individuals.

What species of snakes are on automobiles?

Windshield vipers.

Should you see a 3.14 meters lengthy snake within the temple on Nag Panchami, what do you name it?

A Pi-thon.

How does one go about measuring a snake?

Clearly in inches, as they don’t have any toes.

What do you name an Indian politician celebrating Nag Panchami?

A civil serpent.

Indian Politician Meme on Nag Panchami

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As Pappu entered the forest, a snake bit him on the leg.

“Take as many bites as you need,” stated Pappu to the snake and it bit him three or 4 extra occasions.

Snake: Are you a human or a ghost?

Pappu: Though I’m a human, my leg is synthetic.

What occurs to a snake that has been provided a variety of milk on Nag Panchami?

A reptile dysfunction.

Why do Indian legal professionals by no means get bitten by snakes?

Skilled courtesy.

I was jealous of Harry Potter for with the ability to speak to snakes.

But it surely seems I’ve been doing it for years.

What do you name a snake who can crack humorous jokes on Nag Panchami?


Nag Panchami Joke on Snake

What does a snake put on whereas vacationig on Goa seashore?

A py-thong.

Pal: Your spouse is getting bitten by a snake. Do one thing, assist her!

Different good friend: Don’t fear, it isn’t biting! He has exhausted his venom. So he has come to recharge.

The husband and spouse fought whereas sleeping all by way of the evening.

The next morning, as quickly because the husband rose from the mattress, he introduced sizzling milk for the sleeping spouse and gently woke her with a drink.

Spouse: So that is the way you’re making up for the quarrel from final evening.

Husband: Who stated I’m sorry?! Immediately is Nagpanchami, and I’m feeding the serpent milk.

What’s reverse of Nag Panchami?

Nag Did Not Punch Me.

Nag Did Not Punch Me Meme

When do Python builders chorus from cracking snake jokes?

On Nag Panchami.

We hope that these memes and jokes may give you a chuckle on the event of Nag Panchami. Inform us within the feedback part beneath!



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