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30 Raksha Bandhan Jokes For Brothers & Sisters In 2022

Rakshabandhan is among the well-known festivals of South Asia celebrated on the ultimate day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shraavana, which normally falls within the month of August. In 2022, it will likely be celebrated on Thursday, 11 August. Amongst all, this pageant is an emblem of affection, togetherness and religion amongst brothers & sisters. Should you want a great snort to get into the vacation spirit, try these Raksha Bandhan jokes under. Even whilst you can all the time preserve the laughter to your self, you need to contemplate sharing them along with your brothers and sisters.

Rakshabandhan is a combination of two phrases: ‘Raksha’ means safety and ‘Bandhan’ means bond. Thus Rakshabandhan means the bond of safety On today, sisters tie a particular thread on their brother’s wrist and pray to god for the security, good well being, and vivid way forward for their brother. In flip, brothers give items to their sisters and promise to handle them in each state of affairs.

Siblings unquestionably share a novel bond. Because you each originate from the identical place and have shared experiences, there’s incessantly nobody who can perceive you higher. A brother and sister relationship is exclusive. An opposite-gender sibling could train you a large number about life and about your self, which makes it extremely particular. In comparison with a sibling of the identical gender as you, the arguments and the character of the connection are completely different. Let’s now check out some humorous jokes and puns.

Humorous Raksha Bandhan Jokes

Why did Thakur surrender his arms to Gabbar?

Raksha Bandhan was close to.

A brother asks his sister why does she all the time have cash however he doesn’t?

The sister replies, “That’s as a result of I’ve a boyfriend and you’ve got a girlfriend.”

Why don’t robots have fun Raksha Bandhan?

As a result of they solely have trans-sisters.

What did the owner say to the tenant earlier than Raksha Bandhan?

This yr, you had invited alot of sisters right here so if none of them involves tie Rakhi then ensure you vacate the flat.

A sister bought a PS5 for her youthful brother on Rakhi.

Finest commerce ever!

A day after Raksha Bandhan, a lady and a boy have been chatting.

Lady: Yesterday I introduced Rakhi for you, why didn’t you tie it?

Boy: So if I carry you a Mangalsutra, will you enable me to tie it round your neck?

What do you name a crying sister who will get nothing on Rakhi?

A disaster!

Why shouldn’t you wait to suggest to the lady?

Perhaps she is ready for Raksha Bandhan.

What do you name a supportive sister?


A brother and sister in some way all the time bought into fights.

Brother: You’re adopted, sis!

Sister: Atleast I used to be wished!

What occurs when a brother thinks he’s ugly?

After that, he thinks of his sister and feels higher.

Why does Jasmine must tie rakhi to hundred brothers?

As a result of she lives in an orphanage.

Why did the brother cross the highway?

As a result of his sister farted.

The son requested his dad,” Why is Paris the title of my sister?”

Dad replied,” Contemplating that we had her in Paris.”

Son stated, “Thanks, dad.”

“No downside, quarantine,” replied the dad.

A sister and brother poking enjoyable at one another.

Sister: Are you actually a virgin?

Brother: That’s nun of your online business.

A brother was gifting his sister silly items yearly.

Later, she stated that she would burn any extra silly items he gave her. So, this yr he gave her a candle on Rakshabandhan.

Why must you purchase a comb on your sister who’s engaged after she ties the rakhi?

As a result of it’s a nice parting present!

What did the brother do when his sister stated that the onion is the one vegetable that may make you cry?

He threw a carrot at her.

As soon as upon a time, there have been a sister and brother: Petal and Fridge. “Why did you title me Petal?,” Petal asks her mother and father.

The mother and father stated, “As a result of a petal dropped on you proper after you have been born.”

Everybody hears Fridge utter “Bllaaarrarararraraaarg” within the nook.

What did the brother say to his fats sister who watched Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham alot of occasions?

“Oh my god, you’re watching it once more? I do know you’ve all the time wished to be Poo however you’re actually a laddoo!”

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Why was the sister feeling unhappy about her convicted brother who stutters?

He won’t ever be capable of full his sentence.

What’s the perfect Rakshabandhan current?

A damaged drum since you simply can’t beat it.

An Indian sister known as her brother who was visiting North Korea.

Sister: How are issues over there?

Brother: I can’t complain.

Why do brothers eat homework?

As a result of their moms inform them that it’s a piece of cake.

What do sisters name brothers who don’t like brown rice?

A rice-ist.

How do Indian politicians wrap Rakhi presents for his or her sisters?

With a lot of purple tape.

What do you name the sister of Bruce Lee who was sooner than him?

Sudden Lee.

Are you aware how a scorching cup of tea calls his siblings?


An 8-year-old sister requested her brother for a Rakshabandhan present.

Brother: What would you like?

Sister: One thing to put on and one thing to play with.

On Rakshabandhan, the brother bought him a pair of denims with a gap within the pockets.

What’s a clumsy second between a brother and sister’s battle?

When certainly one of them cracks a “yo momma” joke.

Hope you really liked these jokes on Raksha Bandhan! Share the Rakhi puns along with your family members on Fb, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter now!



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