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Angelo Monologue Act 2 Scene 2

Right here we discover one of the iconic monologues featured in Measure for Measure. Angelo, who initially seems one of the ethical and pious characters, finds himself eternally altered by the virtuous Isabella. Although he beforehand thought of himself resistant to the powers of feminine temptation, on this second he’s overcome. Right here  we see him battle together with his new actuality: “Can it’s/That modesty might extra betray our sense/Than lady’s lightness?”. This pure and “modest” lady has lastly ignited a vehement ardour inside Angelo.

This monologue is a present for an actor. The clear battle and palpable sense of inner agony makes it energetic and naturally pushed. We see a person determined to work by these tough emotions. Because it’s a soliloquy you’ll be able to share this turmoil outwardly, and actually take us on the journey with you. It’s an ethical battle the place Angelo should wrestle with two opposing sides of himself for the primary time. Will he then use his energy to realize his base want, or rise above this temptation?

Angelo Monologue Act 2 Scene 2 (Authentic Textual content)

Angelo: What’s this? What’s this? Is that this her fault, or mine?
The tempter, or the tempted, who sins most, ha?
Not she; nor doth she tempt; however it’s I
That, mendacity by the violet within the solar,
Do because the carrion does, not because the flower,
Corrupt with virtuous season. Can it’s
That modesty might extra betray our sense
Than lady’s lightness? Having waste floor sufficient,
Lets want to raze the sanctuary
And pitch our evils there? O fie, fie, fie!
What dost thou, or what are thou, Angelo?
Dost thou want her foully for these issues
That make her good? O, let her brother stay!
Thieves for his or her theft have authority,
When judges steal themselves. What, do I like her,
That I want to listen to her converse once more?
And feast upon her eyes? What’s’t I dream on?
O crafty enemy, that, to catch a saint,
With saints dost bait thy hook! Most harmful
Is that temptation that doth goad us on
To sin in loving advantage. By no means may the strumpet
With all her double vigour, artwork and nature,
As soon as stir my mood: however this virtuous maid
Subdues me fairly. Ever until now
When males have been fond, I smiled and surprise’d how.

Unfamiliar Phrases

violet: these are flowers generally related to advantage and modesty. They’re delicate and infrequently linked to purity and innocence.

carrion: carcass, nugatory beast, decaying flesh

season: time of 12 months, climate circumstances

sense: our senses

lady’s lightness: a girl being lewd or licentiousness

artwork and nature: the artifice of the courtesan

waste floor: brothels

raze:erase or wipe out

fie: exclamation of disgust, disgrace or indignation

strumpet: harlot

stir my mood: disturb my psychological equilibrium



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