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Gohan’s “You Retard” refers to a quote made by Son Gohan from the Dragon Ball collection throughout his struggle towards Majin Buu. The quote turned the topic of assorted memes, edits, captions and exploitable photographs that primarily concentrate on Gohan’s iconically smug face as he delivered the insult.


The unique scene of Gohan insulting Buu is from the Dragon Ball manga, chapter 497, which was launched on November twenty ninth, 1994. Its adaptation into anime, Dragon Ball Z’s 263rd episode, aired in Japan on Might third, 1995. In Japanese, Gohan calls Buu “うすのろ” (within the manga panel, it’s written in katakana as “ウスノロ”), which will be translated to English as “half-wit”, “idiot” or “simpleton.” Gohan’s assured insult, after he had simply completed outclassing Buu, left everybody within the scene speechless (proven, under).

ががつ・・・!!! こっちだ (ウスノロ・・・ SUN Gohan Majin Buu Hair Hairstyle Facial expression White Organ Black Cartoon Human body Jaw Organism Black-and-white Art Gesture Font Style Interaction Line Monochrome

Gohan’s quote has been translated in a different way by numerous scanlators, with “You retard” being one which significantly stood out and was utilized by a number of fansubs.


On February twenty third, 2018, Mangaalot uploaded on YouTube a video titled “Gohan calls buu a retard (Japanese)”, which performed the scene within the anime in its authentic dub and fansubs. The video (proven, under) acquired over 113,000 views and a pair of,900 likes in 4 years.

On September twenty first, 2018, someonedie uploaded a YouTube video wherein he humorously dubbed in English over the scene uploaded by Mangaalot (proven, under). The video acquired over 76,000 views and a pair of,500 likes in 4 years.

The following day, on September twenty second, YouTube channel WBC uploaded a clip that showcased the distinction between the unique scene in Japanese and the English dub of the anime. The video (proven, under), acquired over 1,078,000 views and 30,000 likes in 4 years.

On April seventeenth, 2020, a fan artwork of Gohan saying “You retard” was posted on r/dbz by peeheep (proven under, left). The feedback beneath WBC’s video caught the eye of Reddit person AvnvPS, who posted a screenshot of one of many prime feedback on r/Dragonballsuper (proven under, left). The submit garnered over 1,200 factors in 2 years.

You Retard. Gohan Hair Forehead Head Chin Hairstyle Cartoon Eyebrow Eye Mouth Jaw Happy Gesture Black hair Art Comments 1.4K Add a public comment... You retard. 16K months ago Gohan gets cancelled from Tournament of Power after offensive tweets from 2013 get leaked. 116 replies ITI 116 : Gohan Forehead Eyewear Gesture Cartoon Font Cloud

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YOU FUCKING RETARD Gohan Majin Buu Eye Eyelash Gesture Cg artwork Wing Art You monkey. Frieza Goku Nose Head Chin Eyebrow Hairstyle Mouth Eye White Cartoon Neck Jaw Gesture Happy Art Smile Cool Font Eyewear Eyelash S You retard. Dragon Ball FighterZ Videl Gohan Hair Head Cartoon Hairstyle Eye Facial expression Vertebrate White Mammal Gesture Happy Line Black hair Cool 14 36 Incoming call 10:11 Gohan Goku Majin Buu Cartoon Eye Facial expression Mouth Gesture Font Screenshot Communication Device Art You retard. Izuku Midoriya Hair Head Hairstyle Eye Cartoon Mouth Jaw Cloud Organism Art Gesture Happy Line Sky People in nature You retard. Gohan Majin Buu Goku Cartoon Vision care Jaw Eyewear Gesture Happy Art Cloud Sky

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