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Notes I wrote myself that I can’t resolve are superior or mortifying. Little bit of each most likely. – The Bloggess

So I’ve this behavior of recording “sensible” ideas on my cellphone late at evening after I’ve been consuming after which I overlook to return to them so my cellphone notes are full of years of weird run-on sentences or unusual threats that I don’t totally bear in mind writing. Hailey just lately discovered them and couldn’t cease laughing, though I believe that they’re laughing at me reasonably than with me, and so they mentioned that I actually ought to share this so for the subsequent week or two whereas I’m engaged on a writing challenge I’m going to share a few of the ridiculous deep-thoughts I assumed had been worthy of recording and now query totally.

Half 1:

Is the ocean salty as a result of it’s largely fish pee? Wait…is pee salty? I imply, tears are so I’m going to say sure. Until it’s fish tears however most likely not as a result of what do fish need to cry about? Apart from the truth that they need to swim round in urine all day. Wait a minute. I believe I simply solved the ocean.

I don’t know why anybody makes use of any chapstick taste aside from peppermint as a result of that shit actually lets your lips know they’re alive. It’s a like a reminder to them that they need to be excited to be lips, an actually I recognize that.

I believe if I had an emotional help pig after I was a child my life would’ve ended up a lot otherwise.

“Gonna go irrigate the girl backyard” is just about one of the simplest ways to say it’s important to go pee. I ought to patent that. The time period, I imply. Not peeing. Until I can patent that too.



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