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Notes to myself, half 3 – The Bloggess

I’m nonetheless exploring the weird notes I appear to have left for myself on my telephone. Most are ridiculous however I can nonetheless make some sense of them however at this time I’m sharing the baffling notes I left on my telephone with no extra textual content that most likely meant one thing on the time however are actually secret codes I not have the decoder for that you could be be at liberty to make use of as a band or cult identify:

“Deviled Eggs Bathroom Paper”

“Michelin Man Costume”

“Arthritis Hair Sake”

“Touring home windows?”


“Hen Wax Restoration in Quickbooks”


“Hysterical Euphonia”

“By no means go away the bookshop”


“Soybean burger: Elf Kidney”

“Discovered signal an asshole with Judy Blume!”



“If my wings maintain falling off, staples?”

“Let’s do seagulls”

“T-rex helicopter”


“Daddy lengthy legs are associates”

“My socks are damaged”

“Put new pantyhose on the cantaloupe”


UPDATED: I stored GARBAGE SOCK, considering it was a notice to make socks out of rubbish after which I noticed it was a typo from once I was reminding myself to purchase rubbish sacks however I’m protecting it as a result of I’d completely be a part of a cult referred to as GARBAGE SOCKS.

UPDATED AGAIN: Victor jogged my memory that “Hen Wax Restoration Quickbooks” was an important notice I made that I purchased some restoration wax to shine up Beyonce the Large Metallic Hen and I wanted to mark it as a enterprise expense. THIS IS ALL MAKING SENSE NOW.

UPDATED AGAIN: Hold on. Victor to the rescue once more. I didn’t discover ways to autograph buttholes with Judy Blume, apparently. I did a zoom along with her as soon as and there was an indication language interpreter deciphering us and she or he needed to maintain signing the phrase “asshole”, which I used to be apparently very entertained by as a result of it regarded just like the hand image for “okay”. Any longer once I’m coping with an asshole I’m going to only do the image and be like, “okay!” however secretly know that I’m including a silent “asshole” to each sentence.

UPDATED AGAIN: I put pantyhose on the only cantaloupe I used to be rising within the yard a number of years in the past to maintain bugs from consuming it, though I had forgotten this till now. Previous me was very good. And complicated.



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