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Rabbit Ramblings: Easter – actual dangerous for actual, reside bunnies

  This can be a hyperlink the place you’ll be able to examine why: Easter and Rabbits Do Not Combine

Please …

Choose some memes/posters you want and unfold the phrase:

Submit it in your weblog or Fb web page.

Submit it in your church.

Ask your clergy to say it from the pulpit.

Flow into it to your neighborhood teams.

E-mail it to your pals and contacts.

Ship them to academics/submit it in school.

Ask your native paper to print it.

Ask TV and radio channels to make it right into a PSA.

Please assist save somebunny.

“It’s the best of all errors to do nothing as a result of you’ll be able to solely do little.”

Whatever the effort, after Easter, rabbit rescues will probably be flooded with rabbits which have change into undesirable Easter presents. Please donate any quantity you’ll be able to to your native rabbit or different animal rescue. If you do not have one, here is an amazing one: GHRS

NEVER abandon a home pet bunny exterior “within the wild” – they don’t have the coping mechanisms of their wild cousins. That is most frequently a torturous demise sentence from predators, parasites, dehydration, and/or hunger.

Do not give animals as presents — this is applicable to bunnies, chicks, ducklings, cats and canines – any pet. Please be an informed, loving and caring pet particular person.

Undertake – do not store.

The Plea of the Easter Bunny

[There used to be links but they don’t work any more.]

Will you consider me at Easter,
Will you purchase me as a present…
On your girlfriend, boyfriend, little little one
To grant their particular want?

Will you consider me inside my hutch,
That tiny ‘starter-pack’
That does not let me hop round
And begins to harm my again?

Will you consider me ‘tomorrow’
Once you go to work or faculty
With a stunning lunch packed in your bag,
‘Cos I get hungry too…

Will you consider me, simply generally please?
My hutch, it smells so dangerous.
I would love some water in my bowl,
And a few hay. I would be so glad!

Will you consider me when the solar shines vivid
And it is ‘splendidly scorching’
However I cant get cool, this warmth is merciless,
Do not inform me you’ve got forgot!

Will you consider me when the north wind blows
And my hutch ground turns to ice,
And I am shivering while you are all heat
Beneath your quilt so good?

Will you consider me? Please consider me!
I am helpless, at your mercy!
Why did you purchase me on a whim?
Why did you then desert me?

Will you consider me now Easter has
Arrived but as soon as once more,
And a thousand little bunnies
Face a lifetime of hopeless ache?

I can binkie over rainbows now,
I’m comfortable, and I am free.
However I’m wondering, now that I’ve gone,

Will you ever consider me….?


Easter Bunny Poem
Jul 10, 2011 by HRS
by Mary Brandolino
In reminiscence of all of the bunnies we couldn’t save.

I bear in mind Easter Sunday

It was colourful and enjoyable

The brand new life that I’d begun

In my new cage.

I used to be just a bit factor

After they introduced me from the shop

They usually put me on the ground

In my cage.

They’d take me out to play

Love and pet me on a regular basis

Then at day’s finish I’d climb

In my cage.

However as days and weeks glided by

I noticed much less of them it appeared

Of their loving contact I dreamed

In my cage.

Within the evening exterior their home

I felt unhappy and so uncared for

Usually scared and unprotected

In my cage.

Within the dry or wet climate

Generally hotter generally colder

I simply sat there rising older

In my cage.

The cat and canine raced by me

Taking part in with one another solely

Whereas I sat there feeling lonely

In my cage.

Upon the contemporary inexperienced grass

Kids skipped and laughed all day

I may solely watch them play

From my cage.

They used to take me out

And let me scamper within the solar

I now not get to run

In my cage.

As soon as a cute and cuddly bunny

Like a bit ball of cotton

Now I’m grown up and forgotten

In my cage.

I don’t know what went incorrect

On the dwelling I did inhabit

I simply grew to be a rabbit

In my cage.

However they’ve introduced me to the pound

I used to be as soon as cherished and loved

Now I wait to be destroyed

In my cage.




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