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Rabbit Ramblings: Our new foster, LeeLoo


Meet LeeLoo (our title, one other film reference), our present foster for the Georgia Home Rabbit Society. Been about 3 days.

What we now have realized about her thus far: She sucks up affection. Though she doesn’t wish to be picked up (typical bun habits), she likes to have her brow, cheeks/jaw, and ears rubbed, and can come proper as much as people searching for similar (however will not shut her eyes – but).

She could be very curious and goes throughout, periscoping to higher see every little thing. She appears to get pleasure from having area to hop and run, and she is going to bypass pellets and greens to discover. There are a LOT of bunnies on the shelter; contact them if you happen to can foster, undertake, or bond a companion to your bunny.

What we realized about her historical past: This lovely English Spot was deserted, after which rescued lined in fleas and pregnant. After she was spayed, her hostile perspective turned far more loving.

NEVER abandon a home pet bunny exterior “within the wild” – they don’t have the coping mechanisms of their wild cousins. That is most frequently a torturous dying sentence from predators, parasites, dehydration, and/or hunger.

What we now have not realized: The place she sleeps at night time.



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