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Remembering Mr. Bones’ Wild Experience, ‘Rollercoaster Tycoon’s’ Scariest Creation

All of us have heard many tales of evil rollercoasters in video video games, and chances are high they’re true as a result of who would not love to make use of the sandbox mode to create big deathtraps?

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Pictured: the common Rollercoaster sandbox expertise

And all these tales bow all the way down to the best of all of them: Mr. Bones’ Wild Experience. Why? As a result of this was an precise custom-designed Rollercoaster trip for the unique Rollercoaster Tycoon that spawned a creepypasta – and never the opposite approach round. The trip seemed innocuous sufficient at first:

A seemingly regular rollercoaster park

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However it had just a few very attention-grabbing particularities. Did it in some unspecified time in the future velocity up and shoot everybody in opposition to a wall? Nope, fairly the alternative, truly. The trip was particularly lengthy, spanning over 30,000 toes of monitor, and particularly gradual, gradual to the purpose of taking 70 minutes to finish, which suggests greater than 4 years in Rollercoaster Tycoon time. NPCs would consistently shout that they wished off of Mr. Bones’ wild trip, however they only needed to anticipate it to be over. It was solely 4 years later that they might see the exit however as an alternative of leaving they might be greeted by Mr Bones himself holding a large signal that stated: “THE RIDE NEVER ENDS”. 

Mr. Bones talks to his customers

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What did this imply, precisely? It meant that the trail that they have been taking to the exit was truly taking them to a different entrance. Mr Bones’ Wild Experience by no means ends.

The Wild Ride's true form (complete with customers begging to leave)

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Only a common day at a really wild trip.


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